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AC-DC ITE Power Module
AC-DC Household Power Module
AC-DC Medical Power Module
AC-DC Medical Swiching Power Supply
Open Frame Type
U Bracket Type
Enclosed Type
AC-DC ITE Switching Power Supply
Open Frame Type
U Bracket Type
Enclosed Type
AC-DC ITE Full Brick
DC-DC Converter
Safety Listing
  AC-DC ITE Swiching Power Supply      
        ABR300UC Series     ( U Bracket )   
    High Efficiency Power  
  300 Watts          Feature  
ABR300UC Series

        Safety Approval: Down Load ABR300UC Series SPC.
Down Load ABR300UC Series 3D File
  1.All specifications valid at nominal input voltage,full load and +25XC after warm-up time unless otherwise stated.
2.Measured with 0.1U 50V // 47U 50V Ceramic Cap. Cross to output
      Input Specification  
      Characteristics     Conditions  
      Voltage Range        90 ~ 264 VAC
         120 ~ 370 VDC
     Output Specification  
      Characteristics     Conditions  
      Output Power     300 Watt  (max.)  
      Voltage Accuracy
    (Full Load and Nominal Vin)
      Minimum Load     (at Full Load)       
      Line Regulation    
    Single:    (typ.)  
      Load Regulation    
    Single:    (typ.)  
      Ripple    (20MHz bandwidth)      (max.)  
      Noise    (20MHz bandwidth)      (max.)  
      Temperature Coefficient       (max.)  
      Short Circuit Protection       
     General Specification  
      Characteristics     Conditions  
      Switching Frequency       (typ.)  
      Isolation Voltage  (Input to Output)       (min.)  
      Operating Temperature         
      Storage Temperature       
      Humidity       (max.)  
     Physical Specification  
      Characteristics     Conditions  
      Dimension    (Tolerance 0.5)      mm  
      Case Material     U Bracket  
Model No.
(Ordering Part No.)
Input Range Output Voltage Output Current Eff
( V.AC ) ( V.DC ) ( mA ) ( % )
Single Output Models
 ABR300UC-12S 90 ~ 264 VAC  12    25,000 88.5
 ABR300UC-24S 90 ~ 264 VAC  24    12,500 89
 ABR300UC-28S 90 ~ 264 VAC  28    11,000 89
 ABR300UC-48S 90 ~ 264 VAC  48    6250 90
  Please refer to the PDF file published on the web site as the final version.